Study Apps: 8 Apps That Will Help You Study For The Entrance Exam

Study apps are already necessary in the student’s routine. With them, information becomes more accessible, daily activities are more organized and the act of studying becomes dynamic and interactive.

We have to admit that technology makes our lives easier in many ways. Today, it is possible to find apps with an incredible variety of functions. With your cell phone in hand and just a few clicks away, you can carry out activities that would previously require much more time, travel or material resources.

In this post, we are going to present 8 examples of study applications that cannot be missing in the student’s daily life, especially during the period of preparation for entrance exams and Enem. Be sure to check it out!

Technology for learning

The facilities of the technological era have revolutionized study methods, both in the school setting and for those who study alone. Now, we have access to countless other ways to obtain learning, in addition to the traditional books and printed handouts.

Digital resources are strong allies for those who need more effort in their studies. This is because they make knowledge available in a more attractive and less boring way for the student, which favors focus and attention.

Whether to complement the content seen in the classroom, or to reinforce preparation for the entrance exam , students find everything they need in virtual media:

  • study apps, which can be used on your computer or cell phone;
  • classroom channels on YouTube;
  • education platforms;
  • portals and more portals that convey all kinds of information, on any subject you want to find.

However, you must remain focused and know how to use these resources in favor of your learning. After all, entertainment and distraction options are also there, accessible at any time, and can easily distract you from what is really needed.

Study apps that make a difference

In addition to the apps that we are going to mention now, there is an even greater diversity for those who need to achieve good results in the entrance exam or improve performance in their academic routine. Options include subject-specific apps, literature, current affairs , resources to increase focus and productivity, and much more. Meet some of them:

1. Trello

Trello is a practical and efficient application to organize your tasks, which can be used both on the computer and on the smartphone It makes life easier for those who need to deal with multiple commitments, which can be sorted according to priority. The app even signals when the deadline for completion of activities is close to expiring.

2. Evernote

Evernote is like a virtual notebook. It has resources that help students organize tasks and record class content in different formats. With this study app, you can create notebooks for different subjects, insert files — PDF texts, slideshows, photos, screen prints, etc. —, record audio, among other functions.

3. Duolingo

This is one of the most used language apps. Duolingo offers free foreign language courses — English, Spanish, Italian, French and German — with translation, writing, speaking and listening activities, divided into modules that vary according to the chosen topic.

4. Pomicro

Here we have an application that works as a timer to improve concentration and increase productivity in studies. Pomicro was developed based on the Pomodoro technique, which intersperses periods of 25 minutes of focused attention and breaks of up to 5 minutes for relaxation.

5. AppDetox

AppDetox is a kind of digital detox. This technological resource serves to map, identify and block the services that consume more user time, for example, social networks. It is possible to customize the blocking time, according to the student’s daily demands.

6. Meclix

This study application was created by the government, and is intended for students who need to prepare for the Enem or vestibular. It is a platform of educational videos , which cover all the disciplines seen in the classroom and the subjects that most fall into the selection processes.

7. Quiz Up

Quiz Up turns studying into something more dynamic and fun. In this app, you choose the subjects you want to study and start accumulating points. In this way, learning takes on the format of a knowledge game and you can compete with your friends or other users from anywhere in the world.

8. Always

Semper ‘s proposal is very simple and constantly stimulates the student’s reasoning. With this application, you must answer and answer a question whenever you unlock your cell phone. Topics are user-chosen and include general knowledge, math, or language tests.

The organization and optimization of studies

With all these apps and other web resources, studying is much easier and more productive. Still, if you don’t have dedication and a good organization of your routine, you may not achieve the results you want.

To be efficient and productive in your studies, you need to follow some basic steps:

  • plan your routine: list your daily commitments; define the execution time for each of them and reserve a period to study;
  • make a schedule : determine a day for each topic you intend to research and highlight the subjects that need more attention;
  • establish priorities: know how to identify activities that are urgent, those that are important but can wait, and those that are optional;
  • work with goals and deadlines: set small daily goals to achieve and focus on one at a time;
  • have a commitment to your studies: even if you study alone , be responsible, do not procrastinate and make an effort to fulfill all the steps mentioned above.

Enjoy these tips! And now that you know a little more about the study app options, choose the apps that best meet your day-to-day demands and give your college entrance exam preparation a boost. Use technology to your advantage and increase your chances of getting into a good university!

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