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8 Mistakes You Can’t Make in Your Internship

If you intend to take a higher education course , know that the internship is an excellent alternative to enter the job market. Today, many students take advantage of opportunities offered by companies to get a formal job.

For the intern, it is essential to have experience in the corporate world before completing college. This is because he will have more notions of how to behave in a company and verify the points that must be improved to increase employ-ability and provide good services.

In this post, we have gathered 8 attitudes that university students should avoid when doing an internship, as well as suggestions on how to combine studies and an internship. Check out!

See 8 mistakes that cannot be made during the internship

Surely, you want to make a good impression on employers and increase your chances of being hired, don’t you? So, carefully read the 8 mistakes that harm an intern’s image.

1. Disrespect the institutional culture

Do not behave in the work environment as if you were at home. The focus should be on professional activities rather than leisure. Even if you have free time, try to occupy it with actions that help you improve in the company, such as reading about the main trends in your profession and analyzing how you can contribute to improving the services provided.

Chatting in the hallway most of the time, dressing inappropriately and referring to co-workers in a pejorative way are attitudes that will harm you in your career.

2. Stay accommodated

Never adopt accommodation as a practice in your professional routine. Thinking you can’t be more productive makes work painful and tiring. Don’t settle for tasks that demand practically nothing from you.

The ideal is to show that you are willing to face new challenges and develop high-level activities. Try to suggest projects that help the company to be more respected by the target audience, for example. Even if you are not initially successful, you will show that you are proactive and focused on results, which is very positive.

3. Ignore co-workers

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone at the company. But being isolated and not interacting with people conveys an image of indifference and lack of interest — not only by professionals, but also by the organization itself.

By cultivating good relationships with coworkers, you are better able to learn from them, leverage their experiences to improve your performance, and contribute ideas. This posture will also help you to be remembered when a position opens in the company.

4. Devalue feedback

If you are really interested in growing professionally, take advantage of an opportunity with your boss to ask him to evaluate your performance. Even if this is not part of your internship program, it is worth asking for an opinion to reflect on strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes, people who work with us can identify virtues and defects that we don’t notice in ourselves. This contributes to reinforcing qualities and adopting measures that minimize or eliminate deficiencies. Having the humility to listen is a good path to success.

5. Being inattentive

Try to pay close attention when a co-worker addresses you. This posture is recommended mainly if you are receiving guidance about an activity to be performed — it is quite unpleasant to have to explain a procedure again because the intern was inattentive.

Always prioritize conveyed information over tasks. Showing interest in the organization’s activities is essential to gain the trust and respect of everyone in the work environment.

6. Lose your temper

During the internship , it is normal to make mistakes and be guided by the manager to correct them. Getting annoyed with someone calling your attention to something is a sign that you need to be more mature to work in a team.

Always try to remain calm and be open to criticism. The lack of emotional control impairs their performance and shows unpreparedness to face challenges. Companies want professionals who know how to live with and face adverse situations with peace of mind.

7. Arriving late

Lack of punctuality is one of the biggest mistakes an intern can make. Make it a goal to be at work and at meetings on time. Commitment is essential to build a positive image during the internship.

Being responsible is the least that is expected of someone who wants to enter the job market. Think about it and always plan to avoid delays.

8. Not keeping in touch with colleagues after the end of the internship

For anyone looking for a job, persistence should be a virtue. In times of economic instability, job opportunities decrease. In these scenarios, even playing a good role as an intern, you run the risk of not being hired.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a network of contacts — or networking — and look for company colleagues periodically. Thus, you are well informed about job openings and have more chances of applying for an opportunity and joining the staff.

Find out how to combine internship and studies

The life of an intern is not easy, but that is not a reason to be discouraged. On the contrary, it’s one more reason to find strength and overcome your own limits. To perform well in college and at work, the tip is to have a well-defined schedule of activities for the week.

Another important measure is to look for an internship after finishing most of the graduation subjects. Thus, it is easier to manage time and participate in other courses that can help you to evolve professionally.

This routine requires health care. Try to eat healthy and sleep well. A bad night’s sleep negatively affects productivity both in studies and at work.

If you have planning, focus on results, talent, willpower and avoid making the mistakes we have listed, the internship will certainly be an important key to your professional success.

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