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Relationship network: build yours since college!

College is the first step towards building a career and, to be successful in the job market , it is important to have a good relationship network, also called networking. This is a way of maintaining professional contacts that bring advantages, from the exchange of knowledge and experience to job referrals and business possibilities in the future.

Thus, this network plays an essential role for professional success, but it requires dedication. This is where college becomes a great ally: the environment and opportunities provided to students are great tools for building a good network.

Want to know how to do this? So keep reading and discover amazing tips to build a good relationship network since college!

Get closer to teachers and classmates

During college you need to keep in mind that teachers are not just the authority in the classroom, but future colleagues in the profession. So look for ways to live with them outside the academic environment.

Teachers usually have contacts with other professionals in the field and often work in companies in the field. A good relationship and good academic performance can be the key to getting the job of your dreams.

Similarly, get closer to your colleagues. In addition to good partnerships during the course — to study, do work and have fun — they can help in your professional life in different ways, such as recommending clients, forming a partnership or helping you find job opportunities.

Another tip is to look for people who have common interests, such as career goals or even items not related to the profession. It’s much easier to talk and maintain a close relationship with someone you have an affinity with, so take advantage of these moments.

Be active in college

College offers many opportunities to advance your career and build a good network. To make the most of it, the first step is to make the most of your time on campus—no sitting in class and rushing home.

Take advantage of your free time to visit the library, laboratories and get to know the faculty better. Keep an eye on the message boards for opportunities and participate in as many activities as possible, such as:

  • monitoring;
  • speeches;
  • congresses;
  • academic week;
  • scientific initiation projects.

There are several opportunities to improve your knowledge and gain more experience, in addition to getting closer to other students and professionals in the field. Another important point is that all these activities help to enhance your CV .

How about uniting the useful with the pleasant? Even academic parties become a good opportunity to meet more people and interact. Remember that even students from other courses can become great professional contacts in the future, so take advantage of these events to talk and expand your network.

do internships

Not all courses have mandatory internships, but in any case, this is a great chance to strengthen your network. The internship provides a professional experience, so that you can learn more about your career and identify the areas of expertise that are most suitable for your goals.

But, in addition to the experience, the internship allows you to meet other professionals and invest in your networking. For example, if you study law, you can get closer to lawyers, civil servants, judges, prosecutors and other jurists through internships .

In addition, it is also possible to meet professionals from other areas, who may also be important for your career. For lawyers, for example, having contact with an accountant or a trusted doctor can be important for preparing reports for court cases.

This goes for any major or profession, so keep an eye out for internship opportunities during college. And if you need more incentive, no problem: paid jobs are very common and are great for supplementing your income .

Be helpful whenever possible

A great way to build and maintain a network is to find ways to be helpful and help people when possible. By doing this, you demonstrate an interest in strengthening this relationship and providing support.

However, it is important that it be genuine, without expecting anything in return. During college, you will find many possibilities to put this skill into practice, such as helping a classmate study for a difficult subject or borrowing books and materials. These are simple tasks, but they will certainly be remembered in the future.

have visibility

Having visibility is important so that people remember you when opportunities arise. In addition, they need to have the means to find your contact whenever necessary. With the increasing use of technology, it is essential to have up-to-date social networks — the tip here is to bet on LinkedIn , which has a professional profile and is more career-oriented.

Whenever possible, publish and share content that is interesting to your contacts. Thus, in addition to being remembered, you also become a source of information, which increases credibility.

But it’s not just the virtual environment you should invest in. Outside of it, it’s important to remain visible, so say hello to people you know and, whenever possible, take the opportunity to chat a little and catch up.

Dedicate yourself to the relationship network

It’s not enough to get several contacts, you also need to dedicate yourself to maintaining the relationship network. Keep an eye out for opportunities to chat and get closer to your contacts. This is an important care to be remembered and to show your interest in maintaining this relationship.

Also, if you notice that you haven’t talked to someone in a while, try to get closer: send them a message, find some interesting subject to share or invite them for coffee. These attitudes help strengthen your networking.

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