Learn how to design a complete and effective study plan!

Are you preparing for the National High School Exam, an entrance exam, an assessment, but are you in doubt about how to put together a study plan? This is not a simple task, as it involves planning, organization and self-knowledge.

If a student has no idea how to assimilate the contents according to the discipline, it will be difficult to develop a schedule that helps him to fully reach the objective. There is no point in reading several handouts and summaries if he is not understanding the information.

The important thing is to study with quality and be more prepared to face the competition. In this post, we will highlight several procedures that are essential for those who want to improve performance. Check out!

Review your study routine

How are you studying during the week? This question should be asked to assess how you are preparing for a test. The recommendation is to check how the study routine is contributing to understanding the topics of each subject and moving forward.

Even if you have notions about how to put together a study plan, this initiative will only be useful if you take into account your progress in each subject. For example, a student has difficulties with Mathematics and has dedicated a period of the day to study Rule of Three Compound.

If doubts are not eliminated, the effort will be futile. In addition, the student will lose time that he will not be able to recover. Tracking your own performance is a way to see how your study routine can be more productive.

Classify the subjects

Want an interesting tip on how to put together a study plan? If the answer is yes, try to rank the disciplines in order of priority. In other words, make a schedule considering the subjects you need to reinforce your knowledge.

Through the Wunderlist application, it is possible to create a list in which the user organizes the disciplines by relevance. This same procedure can be done with regard to the books that will be used during preparation.

If you want to improve performance, it’s worth downloading the app that is available for free for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Today, technology is a great ally to make the routine more productive and seek valuable information for the acquisition of knowledge.

See how to prepare the study grid

Reconciling studies with other tasks is not an easy task, but it is necessary to achieve success. For those who like technological resources, it is worth adopting Google Calendar . This tool allows you to prepare the study grid in a simple and practical way.

By cell phone or computer, you can follow the activities that will be carried out during the week and can enter data related to various initiatives, such as:

  • exam day at school;
  • test sites;
  • date of the exam;
  • entrance exam day .

The user can also enter study goals, such as doing 50 exercises in one subject per day. The tool is very suitable for creating a study schedule, as it provides a list of periods dedicated to each subject, updates tasks and sends notifications about when to study or review a subject.

Set break periods

As much as you are dedicated and applied, you need to take breaks during the analysis of the content of the subjects. This measure should be taken into account when thinking about how to put together a study plan. You won’t always be willing to exercise for more than an hour, without any rest.

Booking study times is very important for your approval, but this must be done in a productive way. A good student must recognize his own limitations and realize that excessive effort is being harmful to learning. It’s no use reviewing the entire matter, but not being able to reason properly during the test.

For better study performance, an alternative is the Pomodoro Timer Lite app . The feature allows you to draw up a list of activities and choose which one will be carried out. Another advantage is to determine a time of 25 minutes of studies with intervals of 3 to 5 minutes from one cycle to the next. Pauses can be longer if the user feels the need to relax the mind and body for a longer time.

Keep in mind what will be done during the study

It’s interesting to draw up a study program with the hours and disciplines duly listed, isn’t it? But what to do to get an above-average income? The answer lies in how you intend to reinforce learning.

The ideal is to set aside a few days to read the most important points of each article. Also prioritize the performance of exercises after analyzing the content. Thus, it is possible to verify whether the preparation is on the right track and the aspects that should be better worked on in each discipline.

Dedicate one day a week to writing an essay. There are many themes that can be worked on. If in the Enem or in an entrance exam a subject that you have previously worked on appears, the chances of getting an excellent score and getting into college will be even greater.

When thinking about how to put together a study plan, it is essential to be aware of what will be done. In this way, the planning will be carried out more precisely, which is very positive to obtain a high level of performance.

Prioritize quality of life

A good preparation should include moments of leisure. Going for a walk, watching a movie at the cinema, enjoying a beach and catching up with friends help to renew strength and be more willing to study.

Also be careful with food and sleep. Overeating will not make you healthier. On the contrary, it can harm your metabolism and affect your performance. Another recommendation is to sleep well, as it helps to rest the mind and make it more open to acquiring new knowledge.

Anyone who wants to win the Enem or vestibular competition should know how to put together a study plan. Common sense, humility and focus on results are essential for a student to overcome their own limits and reach goals.

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