Do you think graduation is enough? Find out what you need to do to prepare for the job market

Some time ago it was said that, without a graduation, the doors of the labor market would be closed and, currently, we live in an era in which a graduation alone is not enough, mainly in courses with greater demand, such as Administration, Law and Engineering. Do we have a new path in preparing for the job market?

One thing is for sure: people want to secure their place and are looking to specialize and acquire the most knowledge within their area of ​​expertise. That said, we can understand that, even if a graduation is the basis for a broader education, it is necessary to go further.

In this way, the current market shows preference for those who have more than college knowledge. Therefore, we see that it is necessary to encourage the search for new possibilities that include interdisciplinary, creativity, among other fundamental characteristics for the professional of now and of the future.

In this context, some questions have arisen: what to do to guarantee a good job? How should you prepare for the job market? What factors need to be added to graduation? What attributes are needed to differentiate yourself?

To find the answer to these and many other questions, which mainly haunt students and newly graduated professionals, read on!

Do activities that add value

It is essential to emphasize the importance of graduation, however, other factors need to be added to it so that market expectations can be achieved. In other words, in addition to college, it is important to do diversified activities that add value to your training.

Finally, one should not settle for this visibly crowded scenario, in which opportunities and vacancies appear accompanied by specific qualification requirements, among them:


Certifications serve as a way for professionals to show themselves up-to-date and attuned to the possibilities of the market in which they operate. With them, it is possible to prove that you are up to date with the basic knowledge of your area and the news of the market. In addition, certifications reveal professionalism, being a useful tool to advance your career.

Participation in events

Events are a space to increase networking, learn about new technologies for your industry, improve knowledge and also present your services and products to the market. Whether as an entrepreneur or as a company employee, events are essential for those who want to grow in the job market.

Languages ​​course

It is no longer a secret for anyone that a second language, especially English, is a basic requirement when applying for jobs in multinational companies. A quick visit to job sites is all it takes to see that a second language is among the requirements of large companies and high-paying jobs.

And with market changes, this requirement ended up reaching smaller sectors, reaching almost the entire job market.

be disciplined

Some personal characteristics make the difference in preparing for the job market, including discipline. The more disciplined and organized the person is, the greater the chances of adding value to their graduation during and after the course. How to do this? With internships , extracurricular courses, participation in study groups, etc.

Discipline is also essential so that one can achieve the objectives and goals set before making the choice for a higher education course. That’s because having a diploma in your hands may no longer be enough to guarantee a good job, but it is still a necessity.

Thus, it is necessary to reconcile classes, good grades, work and extra courses — all of this in order to guarantee a successful future.

stay informed

One of the consequences of being disciplined and seeking to do activities that add value is the acquisition of knowledge. In this sense, it is worth noting that a good professional is one who does not stop studying after graduation and is always improving, in search of a solid career.

Some undergraduate learning can be considered fixed, that is, it does not change over time. However, in most courses there is considerable evolution and the professional needs to be attentive and prepared for change.

look for specializations

Many peoples choose to end their studies after graduating from a higher education course, an error that reflects in a relevant number of bachelors who are unemployed and without space in the market — which, as we have seen, is increasing its demands.

In addition to extracurricular courses and certifications, it is important to think about qualification through specializations that can be MBA, postgraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees. Remembering that specializations such as MBA and post (as it is called) are more targeted at the job market.

get out of the box

The ability to make decisions and create solutions for different problems is essential regardless of the area chosen to work. It is necessary to be proactive and not get stuck in doing only what others say. For this, the professional needs to develop his skills and be able to see beyond, having a more global vision while applying focused and well-defined improvements.

It may seem repetitive, however, it is necessary to reinforce that graduation is a basic requirement for jobs in large multinationals, in addition to increasing the range of public tenders with better salary proposals. And yet, it’s a way to open your mind to the world and get out of the comfort zone in search of new possibilities.

As we have seen, graduation alone is no longer enough if you are looking for high wages and a successful career in prominent sectors in the market , so it is necessary to go further, get out of the box, get informed, seek qualification and be disciplined.

Thinking about preparing for the job market, people who stand out generally have well-defined goals and objectives. Based on your dreams and desires, your goals need to be within reality.

The market is demanding, so those who do not seek to prepare end up falling behind the competition, whether in job openings or opening their own business.

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