5 tips to hack your study productivity now!

If you’re preparing for the entrance exam or the Exams, it’s important to get good productivity in your studies to review all the necessary material. However, maintaining a good income is not always an easy task, is it?

Studying is quite tiring and, often, discouragement and lack of focus get in the way of results, but there are some hacks – ways to optimize your productivity – that will help with your studies.

If you want to know what they are, check out the 5 tips we’ve separated for you to hack your income while studying!

1. Have a suitable environment to study

The study environment is one of the factors that most influence productivity, so the first tip is to have a suitable place to study, with an organized table and a comfortable chair.

It is important that the place has only the essential items, such as books, notebooks, notebook or computer, pen, pencil and other materials. The accumulation of objects nearby in your study space makes it difficult to concentrate and makes it easy for you to get distracted.

If you don’t have a suitable place to study at home, you can frequent libraries, which offer a quiet space, or options like parks and cafeterias, if you can concentrate in that type of place.

2. Set up a study schedule

You need to deal with different subjects and subjects while preparing for the tests, but you need to organize yourself correctly to be able to read all the content and the study schedule is a great tool for this.

Separate all the subjects that must be studied and then define when to study each one of them in a calendar, occupying the days until the date of the test. You will have to organize your entire routine and separate study periods, also considering the best performance times.

With this organization, you will already know what to study at each opportunity and you will be able to keep a good control of your evolution. In addition, over time you can make the necessary adjustments to make it better suited to your goals.

3. Set the best performance time

You’ve probably heard that you need to set aside a few hours a day to study, and really, that’s the starting point for organizing your routine. However, you need to find out in which period your income is better .

To find out, just set the times according to your availability and, over time, make routine adjustments to study in the periods when you showed better results.

For example, if you’ve noticed that your productivity in studies is not good in the morning and that you can’t concentrate, maybe you’re a person who works better in the afternoon or at night. Really observe how your evolution was at the end of each day of study, following your schedule. This makes it easier to identify the best time to dedicate yourself.

4. Take interspersed breaks

One of the big mistakes of those who want to improve productivity in their studies is trying to stay focused for hours at a time, without a break. Over time, the brain gets tired and impairs its memorization , i.e. your income will drop.

To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to take short breaks after a certain amount of study time. For example, study 25 minutes and then rest 5. After longer periods, you also need a longer break, about half an hour.

You can adjust the study time and breaks as you see fit. Plus, breaks are great for getting something to eat, going to the bathroom, and taking a quick peek at social media.

5. Eliminate distractions

For all the previous tips to really increase your study productivity, you must eliminate all distractions. This is not usually the most fun activity of your day, which makes it even easier for you to lose focus.

So, before starting your studies, turn off your cell phone and tablet or turn off notifications. If you study on your computer, disconnect from social media and, if possible, the internet.

If you have problems with noise, also avoid being close to the television or listening to music. The time lost until resuming focus on studies after a distraction is one of the main villains of productivity, reducing your income.

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