5 tips for you to know how to make friends in college

A student must make a lot of effort to get a place in a good university, right? But this is just the beginning of a long journey towards professional success. It is also necessary to create a good network of contacts, which makes it very important to prioritize the fact of how to make friends in college.

No matter how technically qualified a professional is, networking is essential to stay well-informed about internship and work opportunities and compete for them, according to convenience.

Keeping track of market movements through the media is positive, but it does not generate a competitive advantage over competitors.

In this post, we will give you 5 valuable tips for you to make good friends during graduation and create a network of contacts that will help you to have good personal and professional relationships. Check out!

1. Be present on social media

A good tip on how to make friends in college involves using social media wisely. Several higher education institutions, for example, have profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

You can join specific Facebook groups that can cover topics such as internship opportunities and engineering trends. In them, you can meet classmates and interact more with them.

It is also recommended to participate in groups on LinkedIn and WhatsApp, which may have an even more focused focus on your area of ​​expertise at the university. This initiative is a way for you to keep in touch with the group, even if you are away for personal or professional reasons.

Try to present relevant content and maintain a respectful conduct with the opinion of colleagues. Avoiding confusion in groups is a way to build a good relationship and increase the chances of being remembered for a job opportunity.

Good behavior on social networks is also essential to attract the attention of recruiters. A video or photo with racist content, for example, can damage your reputation and hurt you in the dispute for an internship or permanent job.

2. Join study groups

Being on social media is an interesting measure, isn’t it? But face-to-face conversation is essential to strengthening the bonds of friendship. With that in mind, you should put in a lot of effort to join study groups.

However, you need to have common sense to select the groups you want to be part of. One of the reasons is that the topic to be discussed must be relevant to their academic and professional growth. Another reason is that you need to be with people who want to take the time to learn and not just gossip.

If you reconcile learning with people who are interested in having a good relationship, the group will be very enriching and will help you overcome the difficult mission of how to make friends in college.

3. Try to attend events at the university

A very valid action to meet new people is to honor the events held at the institution of higher education. Your college, for example, can promote a seminar on new trends in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

In this activity, students from other periods of the course should attend and who will be willing to talk about the theme of the event. If you are calm and well prepared for the dialogue, the chances of approaching other students will be much greater.

As the network of contacts increases, the greater the possibilities of being remembered to participate in a selection process for a company. It is also interesting to honor cultural events promoted at the university.

From the famous freshman reception to a music festival, it’s good to be excited and relaxed to meet new colleagues and strengthen ties with those who already have a good rapport.

4. Be part of sports groups

Are you thinking that university life is based only on study and internship ? If the answer is yes, you better review your concepts. Joining sports groups is a really fun way to make friends in college, you know?

Even if you don’t have great volleyball, soccer or basketball skills, it doesn’t hurt to make an effort to be close to your university colleagues. Depending on the context, you can be part of groups that like to run or walk.

Having a common interest with other people is an alternative to having more chances to talk and to have closer contact. Combining fun with the opportunity to acquire more knowledge is a way for you to take care of your body and mind at the same time.

With more physical disposition, you have more willpower to stay focused on your goals and not lose concentration in important moments. Never forget that sport also helps teamwork, something highly valued by the corporate world.

5. Work at the university

Not always that dream stage comes easily. To have more professional experience, it is recommended to look for jobs in college. In the case of law students, it is possible to participate in the Nucleus of Legal Practice , where it is possible to help people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

If you intend to do Business Administration or Engineering, try to be part of a junior company . In it, you and classmates will be able to participate in work together and get a better idea of ​​what the practice is like on a daily basis.

This initiative will give you more maturity to deal with difficulties in the job market. In addition, it will help to understand how essential it is to collaborate with colleagues in the search for good results.

You’ve already realized that it’s worth the effort and look for solutions on how to make friends in college. Networking must be adopted from the first day of school, as it is vital to exercise it to be successful in your career .

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